27/8: Getting good at sticking to valid setups – 24 out of 27 for this week

End of Thursday – another long day – opened and closed ten trades today.  Up and down, up and down.  One of the setups was borderline but still a “pass” rather than a “fail”.

  • That makes 27 trades in the four sessions this week.
  • I had 12 winners, 2 scratches and 13 losers.
  • That’s a win rate of 48% and an average reward-risk ratio of 1.59.
  • Transaction Costs were 1.07R over the 27 trades (average of 4.42% per trade)
  • Net Result thus far is +3.45R
  • 24 out of 27 setups taken were valid (89%) – excellent!

Comparison to a casino blackjack game:  To well-versed blackjack players, that effectively means you lose a hand and then get a blackjack paying 3:2, then you lose a hand, followed by a blackjack… and so on.  That would be a fine game indeed.  My stops have been bigger on all instruments this week because of ongoing PBOC-inspired volatility in the markets.

Am just pumping out the trades now, and all the documentation along with it.  Like a production line. Entries are getting better.  Now it’s the trade management that seems to be all over the place.  Seems like that sticking with valid setups alone is not a sure road to riches.

Recently changed the Stochastic setting from (5,5,5) to (5,3,3).

576 usdjpy aug26 

577 dax aug26 

578 eurusd aug26 

579 usdjpy aug27 

580 dax aug27 

581 eurusd aug27 

582 eurjpy aug27 

583 nzdusd aug27 

584 588 usdjpy aug27 

585 cable aug27 

586 dax aug27 

587 eurusd aug27

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