14/10 – Futures Trading & Testing

A bit of a light working week this week, with some travel and some time off with people that mean a lot to me.

On my flight to the US, I spent a few hours studying the Quantitative Trading book I mentioned earlier and this has influenced  my approach for testing work in the futures trading area – both for the development of the automated strategy (that is well in progress) as well as for my thoughts for a more discretionary strategy that primarily exists in my brain thus far.  The idea is to really use my working time effectively so that I can gain a lot of insights into the trading approaches in a short amount of time.  Putting these ideas and perspectives into action, I spent the whole day analyzing historical futures data in MS Excel.  I downloaded the data from TradeStation.

I will also need to come back to the questions raised on this blog post from some 15 months ago – “Blind Faith FX Trading until i am 40”, now that my milestone of turning 40 is about to pass, and on that basis, whether I am justified to keep on working as a trader (or trader trainee).

Catch you again next week & good luck in your own trading!

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2 Responses to 14/10 – Futures Trading & Testing

  1. stepsy says:

    advance happy birthday!

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