27/11 – Futures Trading Update

Australian FlagHad some good conversations with several members of the Aussie team.

They clarified the bigger picture for me.  Thanks to that I now have a lot more clarity where the project, and where/what, I am meant to be aiming for.  It seems like the well-seasoned Aussie team members have more belief and confidence in me as a trader than I do in myself!  I guess I should take this as a sign that I may well be underestimating my capabilities as a market participant.

Further the guys really seem to be willing to give a helping hand whenever I have some questions or challenges.

We continue to have one strategy trading live in two futures markets now and will monitor its performance and benchmark against my expectancy models over the next two months.  We will be trading  “small” (up to a maximum of 10 contracts, so $125 per tick, or $500 per full S&P point) – I guess “small” is a relative term.

Meanwhile I will use my wit & imagination to come up with another tactic to extract money from the markets.

Ideally I want to execute around 100 trades per instruments per month – the current strategy only does about 20-25 trades per market.

As well as working on strategy development, testing and analysing, I will also look to replicate many of the trades in my own trading account from the coming month (originally I was going to trade my own funds from our custom platform, but this won’t be possible now).

I think it is only logical that I focus my own trading on the instruments that I am monitoring for all of the US session, rather than to returning to trading the DAX and Cable for now.

Nice developments really.



I seem to be constructively thinking about the markets all the time.  I guess that’s a good sign.

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