27/11 – Mr. France

For a bit over a year, I had the pleasure of working alongside a fellow trader in the small central London trading office that we set up in January 2014.

french flag

As independent retail traders, we all face many challenges and issues.  The challenges often vary from one trader to the next.  Mr France’s issues were different to mine.  In our trading office we tried to help each other overcome our weaknesses.

For a short while Mr France (as I like to call him) and I also traded some funds together – well, Mr France traded it and I provided some feedback and suggestions on risk & money management and other aspects.

Even though he now works out of a trading arcade in the City we still meet up on a regular basis.  This week, he suggested that we resume the teamwork that we had last year.  We both benefited a lot from when we did this a year ago.  So we are planning to work together more closely once again.  Mr France will be trading his own money this time, but he welcomes regular discussions on how he is getting on.  We are planning to share the content of some of our conversations on the blog here (particularly because I am not writing on much else either!), so that might be interesting material for people to read.

I am expecting that this arrangement will be very beneficial for both of us.

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3 Responses to 27/11 – Mr. France

  1. stepsy says:

    looking forward to the blog posts 🙂

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