9/12 – Trading Session Wrap


A glorious sunny morning in London today, so I decided to walk to the office and soak up some vital Vitamin D.  Along the way, I started to get some insights about the markets – is this due to the visualizations I have been doing?  And to my conscious effort at monitoring my negative/positive thoughts better in as I set out a few days ago?

On arriving to the office I promptly noted down my insights and was quite impressed with a page and a half of comments I managed to create.  Nice going!

Weekly Oil Inventories & Market Correlations

I expected the Weekly Oil Inventories to be today’s main event on the basis that oil has been driving factor for the equity indices (I have been watching the S&P and DAX) in recent sessions, and conversely also for the commodity-based currencies (i.e. AUD, NZD and CAD crosses) and also indirectly instruments such as USDJPY which also has been correlating positively with the indices lately.  This correlations worked to some extent in the London session (when oil futures trading was low) and then became stronger as the NYMEX exchange opened (this is where most of the oil futures are traded).  Having learned more about the FXCM “layout” features I plotted the charts of these various instruments across my two screens.  It was a lot of fun.

Results & charts of completed trades

Seems to have worked as it ended up being a good trading session.  I ended up making back 1/2 the money I flushed down the toilet on Monday.  The secret to appearing to be a good trader is to only post your winning and scratch sessions, and nicely omitting the losing ones.

[Note that I am still monitoring the Aussie’s team automated strategy for the TY and ES markets whilst all this is going on]


685-688 DAX


683-686 Cable

Mr France catch-up

Also caught up with Mr France who came over to pop into our trading office.  He decided to opt for a different broker then he initially chose after looking up some online feedback.  He has decided to wait until the start of January for live trading rather than starting trading into declining Christmas volumes and next week’s Fed decision.  Sounds like he is looking forward to it!



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