4/1 – Happy new 2016!

The markets started with a blast today, with the Chinese stock index dropping 7% and closing early due to a second circuit-breaker being triggered.  This led to large losses in the US and European equity indices, and a flight to safety with significant strengthening of USD and JPY.

The building Saudi-Iran tensions are also coming into play.  I would expect Oil and risk-off/risk-on instruments to be the most likely things to be impacted by these developments in the near future.

As for me, I took a long break from the screens spending super time with family and friends on the Continent.  I did think about my trading from time to time and let ideas digest themselves whilst I was in a fairly relaxed state.  And I made a lot of trading strategy development notes whilst in a semi-awake state on the Eurostar return train journey yesterday.

Today I spent a lot of time preparing, reviewing charts, looking over some strategy documents, creating new layouts on my FXCM platform and getting ready to start trading on Tuesday.  I thought a lot about how I want to be trading in the coming sessions.

In the mid-afternoon, I did squeeze in a cheeky trade on the S&P.  The trade worked out nicely, despite a lack of plans relating to targets and position management.  Unfortunately the overall financial result was a only tiny, due to me getting the position sizing wrong and needing to close the initial trade right away.

743 SPX




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