15/1 – Trading Wrap for Week#2 of 2016

Trading Results for this week were as follows:

week2 results

Thus 5 trades across DAX (+1.2R) and EURGBP (+1.17R) were the biggest profit contributors, with most of the other instruments slightly in the red.  In the end a net return of 0.96R (or £192), with an average trade risk of 0.43R (£86).  7W, 5 BE, 6L (7-5-6) trades – compared to 10-5-10 in the previous week.

It’s interesting (but most likely coincidental) that both this week and last week I finished the trading week with three consecutive losing trades on Thursday afternoon.

Did I trade competently?

Examples of good trading this week:

  • Taking it very easy on Tuesday and engaging and concentrating on study and analysis after missing Monday’s session due to sickness
  • 10-15 minute visualizations twice each day
  • Strong risk management
  • Sticking with desired changes in trade management techniques (which were based on analysis of completed trades)
  • Sticking with K5 trades this week, without being tempted to trade reversals and/or round numbers
  • Thorough preparation for each session
  • Good record-keeping and trade documentation
  • Overall great concentration and focus throughout each session


So results are still waning a bit – this week has been positive but still only slightly.  Let’s see how next week works out.  However it certainly seems that I am doing the right things.  So progressing in the right direction.

Ad hoc – a couple of interesting meetings this week:

The first was a 2.5 hour discussion with a high-frequency trader from a small City-based hedge fund.  He explained some of the main in’s and out’s of the HFT (also known as low-latency) trading approach.  I am amazed I was able to hold my concentration for that long – as there was a lot of material to digest.

Today Ann from Chasing Returns came for a visit to the trading office.  She ran me through the web-based tool she is developing for helping traders measure and evaluate their trading performance by running various data analysis over trading history that traders can upload to her site.

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