21/1 – MT4 programming needs?

This purpose of this post is to tell you about a trader friend of mine who has a lot of MT4 programming skills.  [To the “uninitiated” – MT4 is a very popular trading platform among retail traders and is offered by the majority of retail brokers].  Wayne is rather skilled with MT4, and because he is a trader himself, can generally quickly understand what other traders might want programmed (whether it’s a customised indicator, a dashboard, or an automated strategy).  Here’s a quick story to illustrate it all:

Earlier in 2015, three of us got together and went about building a “dashboard” type tool that would give us real time updates on the volatility inherent in the financial instruments that we followed – primarily several currency pairs as well as some equity indices and some commodities.

We wanted to see whether volatility in any given instrument was rising or falling in recent days, weeks and months.  We also wanted to be able to view the transaction costs (in terms of bid-ask spread plus commissions if any) in light of the typical volatility.

Wayne was able to quickly convert what we wanted into a MT4 deliverable.  Below is a screenshot of the dashboard he created.  I am using this dashboard on a regular basis, most often at the start of trading sessions and/or at the start of a new trading week.

Thus if you are looking for an MT4 programmer, then Wayne is somebody I can thoroughly recommend.  You can contact him on his website.

volatility dashboard

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One Response to 21/1 – MT4 programming needs?

  1. FXTraderPaul says:

    Reblogged this on FXTraderPauls Trading Adventures and commented:
    Here’s a quick piece on addressingMT4 programming needs. Like all packages MT4 has many pros and cos. One of its pro’s is that you can create all manner of scripts, templates and EA’s for your trading requirements. If you’ve been looking at getting some coding for MT4 then I can heartily recommend Wayne’s work. He has the bonus of being a coder, IT-literate and a trader so he fully understands a traders needs. Drop him a line over at his blog or drop him a comment here and I’ll be sure to see that he gets it.

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