12/2 – Password-protected blog posts

You may have noticed that two of today’s blog posts have been password-protected.  This has been done intentionally so that I am the only one able to view these particular blog posts.

I often look at my recent blog posts whilst I am on the run (say on the train or tube, or waiting for someone in a cafe) to reaffirm things that I am learning and trying to implement.  The blog is a great way of doing that.

However there are now some details that I would like to review and read whilst on the run, but which I am no longer looking to share publicly because they are the result of a lot of hard work, and which I consider are actually very useful for my trading.  It may turn out that these insights are not valuable at all, but I’ve decided to be a bit more protective of them.  Yes, I could of course try to store the “private posts” in a different place, but for now it seems such a easy and practical solution for me! Hopefully readers of the blog will appreciate this view.

As a bit of background on the blog:

This blog was originally started in May 2013 at the suggestion of Paul Wallace, who explained it would be a good method for him to keep an eye on my trading activities.  I never expected that I would still be blogging close to three years later.  Thus far I have made a bit over 550 individual blog posts – enough to fill a book!?

I have found the blogging to be tremendously beneficial for my trading development and trading learning.  It’s a great way to articulate challenges that one goes through, and with trading there are many!  I wrote a post about the benefits here.

All in all, the blog has a lot of written material but practically zero organisation or structure, so am not sure what I will do with it in the near future!!

In any case, I hope that everyone, whilst having their coffee, will still continue to enjoy reading all the public blog posts!!



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One Response to 12/2 – Password-protected blog posts

  1. pearse13 says:

    Keep up the good work, like the way you present your ideas.

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