28/4 – Continued testing and a win of +4R in GBP-inspired live trading

Spent three days in the trading office this week.  I am off to Scotland for some hiking for a few days now – am taking my laptop with me to still continue with testing though.


Managed to crack on with more 1H-strategy testing in my testing software.  Have now got close to 200 test trades under my belt.  I have a profit of around 20R at this point, so the return on risk is just on 10% (making 20 units of risk on a total of 200 units traded in the market [1 unit per trade].  Still liking the idea of continuing with the testing to build sample size (see earlier blog post).  Will aim to get through 20 more instruments by the end of May – hopefully that will be close to 600 test trades by that time.

Live Trading

Meanwhile I will continue to trade live using exactly the same approach.

This week, Live Trading was rather good.  My revised (and simple) strategy seems to pick on the instruments poised for a move. Thus on Monday and Tuesday I bought GBP against six other currencies (obviously not all at the same time!].  It led to a good string of results as the Pound pushed higher across the board right until Wednesday lunchtime.  My net result was +4.1R across about a dozen trades.  Again I traded a big range of instruments, though mostly GBP and JPY crosses this week.

Bringing Live Trading and Testing together

I am anxious to compare testing results versus live results on an ongoing basis.  I want to know whether my testing results give an accurate estimation of live trading results.  I collected some experience in this matter when I was working on the ES (the S&P 500 future contract) and TY (the US 10-Year Treasury futures contract) automated futures trading strategy with the ‘Aussie Team’ back in Oct/Nov/Dec of last year.

Catch you next week.



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