Update on Trading Strategy Development

Had another skype call with Trader Di this afternoon.  She spent more than two hours with me looking over some of the test and live trades that i have been doing in the pursuit of my 1-hour timeframe based trend-following strategy.

I have to say, she is being incredibly patient with me and incredibly generous with her time.

We got right down into “nitty gritty” details of evaluating various setups, timing of entries and assessing price action.  It felt rather productive.

She continues to cheer me on to keep going with this strategy, which she really believes/knows has a positive edge.  She says that the up’s and down’s of strategy development can really play havoc with a trader’s emotions – I guess just in the same way as actual trading results do.

Finally, she gave me more work and direction as to how to continue on with the testing.

Other highlights for the week

  • Completed a live few trades this week.  Missed a couple of valid setups.  Concentration was waning a bit towards the end of the week.
  • Constructed a huge 40MB spreadsheet in which I tested a 1M/5M automated trading strategy on the DAX, using four months of historical data.  Developing that alongside the 1H strategy.  As opposed to the 1H strategy, the lower timeframe-based strategy has zero discretion and is 100% rule-based driven solely by the EMA10, 20 and 100 on the 1M and 5M timeframes.
  • Finally got some initial research done on sports-betting on betting exchanges.
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