1/9 – Back to the markets after hiking break

Back from 4 weeks hiking in Georgia (the one squeezed in between Russia and Turkey, not the one in the US).

What’s next?

Thus far this week, completed some further trading strategy development – following on from suggestions from TraderDi in late July.  Also looked at a trading strategy on the DAX developed by a programmer friend of mine.

Plan to work 3 days a week on trading.  The other 3 days each week will be spent on other money-making ventures.  1 day of rest per week should be sufficient.

Will continue with the development of the “K51H” trading strategy.  Hopefully I will finally get this finished by the end of September.

Will also work on ’emulating successful traders’.  Thus will invest time in learning and researching trading material, and make an effort on structuring new knowledge that I gain.  Am continuing to bear in mind the material from the Traders Pendulum book (see earlier posts on this great book).

New knowledge should also help me to add to pipeline of ideas for other trading strategies, and for other ways in which I could improve as a trader.  Further, closely monitoring the markets on regular basis should also help me to formulate strategy ideas and for understanding the market.



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