4/9: Trading Update

13995432_10153673982321218_8417148251092968906_oBased on the extensive testing I have completed for the 1H-timeframe trend-following strategy, Trader1961 suggested that I start trading the strategy live from tomorrow.  Green Light!!!

The extensive testing and self-discovery journey since my trading melt-down back in February, has been a long journey.  Thus, I feel it’s only appropriate to insert this shot (courtesy of my photography-gifted sister) of me reaching the 3431m Atsunta Pass in a Georgian National Park after many days of hiking.

On that basis I will resume live trading with £100 risk per trade for the month of September, and reassess at the end of the month [£100 is a very small amount for me to risk in terms of my trading capital – no point risking more until the strategy has been tested in live environment for a month].

In addition I will aim to implement many of the other lessons I have learned in the past three years such as:

Basically the entire trading week will become heavily process-based (something else that Trader1961 keeps on emphasizing).

Whilst executing the K51H strategy (I really have to come up with a slighter sexier name!), I also plan to:

  • Collect ideas for other trading strategies (and eventually invest time in developing them)
  • Continue learning (such as following FuturesTrader71 and ‘Chat with Traders‘) as emulating successful traders is critical
  • Continue practicing my strategy in a simulated environment using ForexTester2


Well, let’s see how the week unfolds.  I will provide an update at the end of it.

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2 Responses to 4/9: Trading Update

  1. adeyf69 says:

    Came across you blog, I am always interested in reading about traders that are on a similar journey.

    Good luck with going live with the new strategy.


    Liked by 1 person

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