10/9 – Discussion with Trader Mentor/Coach

I had acoachn hour long skype with TraderDi this morning.  It was really good to be able to talk through the week with her to get her views.

This week was a very tough one for me as I registered a loss of 8R over 22 trades and this coinciding with it being the first week of trading the “K5” strategy live.  It seems this wasn’t a good week for trading a trend-following strategy on the 1-hour timeframe.

TraderDi had some great practical tips on how to handle such weeks, and to use the information that the market is effectively telling/giving me, and also offered to catch up with me for a quick chat at the end of each trading session for the coming week.

In her Traders Pendulum book, Jody Samuels argues that having a trading coach/mentor in place is vital on the road to trading success.  Dead on the money!

TraderDi continued to compliment me on excellent money/risk management, detailed trade documentation and very disciplined trading.  Nice to hear that I seem to be doing something right!

Do you have a trading coach in place?

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