29/9 – Trading Week Wrap Up

During the past week:

  • Traded K5 strategy live for four trading sessions.  Completed documentation and followed all my set processes.  Reviewed and analysed completed trades.
  • Developed a check-list for determining whether the current market conditions seem right for the K5 strategy – focusing on the strategy’s recent performance and on the volatility (recent, historical and anticipated) of prices across the various instruments.
  • Created more processes for pre-market routines and end-of-day reviews.  Creating more check-lists and inserting them into my trading session log.  Some of these relate to measuring the strategy’s effectiveness, the volatility assessment as well as my own trading performance.  And also to increase productivity throughout the day.
  • Wanted to collect data for a strategy to compliment K5, called ‘CLT’, more on that later. Unfortunately, this week, the markets didn’t provide any type of event that the CLT strategy is intended to catch.

All this was not too far off from what I had set out to do last Sunday.

Objectives for next week (4 days):

  • Trade K5 live
  • Follow all my set processes
  • Complete some basic programming in MT4 in relation to volatility measurements
  • Collect data for CLT strategy if the market provides such opportunities
  • Work on applying K5 to lower timeframes in certain circumstances (and in the week after that, work on trade entry refinement suggested by TraderDi)

Most of the trades completed in this session:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



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