7/10: Trading Week Wrap Up (incl. 27 executed trades)

Well that was an exciting week thanks to Sterling’s flash crash last night.

During the past week

  • This week was a full-on week for me with trading four full sessions (Monday i was still in Germany).  I spent a lot of hours in the trading office getting myself ready for the sessions, being diligent and focused during the sessions, and carefully reviewing things at the end of the day.
  • Trading Performance
    • Trades taken: 27, of which 1 was an invalid setup.  19 taken from 1H timeframe, 3 from the 30M and 1 from the 15M.
    • 14 winners, 12 losers and 1 scratch trade.  This is not too shabby, given that the market’s volatility is still a bit on the low-side which generally does not bode well for a trend-following strategy.
    • Valid Setups missed:  1 x Not in the office, 2 x Missed (i.e. didn’t spot it) and 2 x spotted but didn’t get my order filled
  • Trading Development Work
    • I also progressed with the objectives I set out at the end of last week primarily on assessing volatility of the market (including some MT4 workins), as well as considering earlier entries with my trades and applying the trading strategy to lower timeframes.  I already have work cut-out for more of that next week.
    • I didn’t spend any time watching webinars or listen to trading interviews – that’s a shame – there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  But did have a further long-skype call with TraderDi who has been mentoring/coaching me – she has been very pleased with my progress!
    • Looked for CLT opportunities and scenarios but didn’t come across anything – will put this on the backburner for now, as K5 is providing me with a wealth of work to complete as it is.

Objectives for next week:

  • Trade K5 strategy live
  • Continue work on earlier entries to the strategy and in applying the strategy to lower timeframes (in all likelihood I will limit myself to the 30M timeframe  and forget about 5M and 15M – the 30M and 1H give me enough setups as I am now looking at 35 instruments!)
  • Continue following all the processes that I have put in place
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2 Responses to 7/10: Trading Week Wrap Up (incl. 27 executed trades)

  1. James Gillespie says:

    Nice work – hope the 14 winners gave an overall net growth over the 12 losers. I had about the same number of trades this week on my 1min TF’s…..it’s all about the setup and the focus. I would agree whatever the TF..stick to only one.

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