4/11 – Weekly FX Trading Wrap & Signs of Progress over last 3 years

On the whole, volatility across most markets continues to be on the tight side largely thanks to the upcoming US Presidential election next week.  Clinton/Trump poll updates at random things have assured some annoying trading conditions (just as it happened with the Brexit polls in June).

On a personal level – another big, reasonable productive week (partly thanks to lots of coffee from my local hip cafe – pictured!).  In thiscoffee-shot blog post, I give a quick overview of I went about furthering my trading career this week.   Secondly, I thought I link to various blog posts I made in November of 2015/2014/2013 to demonstrate how I changed and progressing in my trading views as time passed…..

Part 1:  Trading Assignments

Trading Office Closure: Worked on finding new options for trading venue for 2017, as our trading office is very likely, and sadly, coming to an end, after a great 3-year run involving five different retail traders.

Hedge Fund Trader: Continued working, on a daily basis, with a professional hedge fund trader who is transitioning to a lower timeframe for executing his trades, and helping him tackle some of the challenges inherent with intraday trading.

Completed Trades: Live traded my 1-hour trend-following strategy across the large number of markets that I monitor – and ended up taking a dozen trades.  I continue to keep my position size extremely low to await for signs that the market conditions become more suitable for the strategy.  This week the strategy’s return was approximately scratch.

Development of 2nd trading strategy: Progressed significantly with development of a reversal pattern strategy that can be traded across many markets and various timeframes.  This week’s work on it comprised some back-testing, some forward-testing and careful analysis.  Also discussed various aspects of the strategy with various different traders via email, telephone, in person and on Facebook!

Part 2: Trading Career Progression

Ever wondered how a retail trader progresses over time – well, here are some blog posts from 1, 2 and 3 years ago –

1 Year ago:

2 Years ago:

3 Years ago:


Part 3: Real Trades from the past week

And for the sake of posting some recent charts, here are some of the trades I took this week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Have a good weekend and catch you again next week!


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