22/11 – Trading Update

Quick update.

Two live sessions done and completed.  Have taken 5 trend-following trades and 7 reversal trades thus far.  It’s great just being able to focus on the markets all day without spending time on testing and development for a change.  Thus, these 3 weeks should be good entertainment!

Total stats for the 3-week period (after 2 sessions)

  • Trend-following:  5 trades – 1W, 1BE, 3L  -1.57R
  • Reversals: 7 trades – 3W, 0BE, 4L  +1.38R
  • Total:  12 trades – 4W, 1BE, 7L -0.19R

Have included the chart shots of the trend-f0llowing trades below.

Reversals Strategy

It’s a bit harder than expected to keep an eye on as many markets as I like to. I will figure out how to do that.  Certainly, as a starter, it would be logical to keep an eye on instruments to be impacted by scheduled and/or unexpected news events.

More or less scratch after 7 trades.

Trend-Following Strategy

Win some and lose some so far.  Volatility has certainly picked up.  Down around 1.5R after 5 trades.

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