1/12 – Trading Update


Geez, it’s been a week since my last ‘public’ blog post!!

Moving on from strategy development and testing, I have just been watching the markets and placing trades in line with my trend-following and mean-reversion strategies.  The days are going by in a haze and I am completely obsessed with chart patterns, trends and going over things in my head.  The days are flying by.

Total stats after 7 sessions:

  • Trend-following:  9 trades – 4 Winners, 1 Break-Even, 4 Losers  +1.58 units of risk
  • Mean-Reversion: 28 trades – 12W, 1BE, 15L  +2.79R
  • Total:  37 trades – 16W, 2BE, 19L +4.37R

I will trade live for another two weeks and then have a bit of a break before Christmas to allow me to review the trades I have done and possibly make some refinements to the setup parameters and/or my trade management rules.   I am finding that trading the mean-reversion live after 3 weeks of intense development work has been like a baptism of fire!  All good.

The goal is to have both strategies in a very much ready state so that I can start trading them with increased size come January 2017 – when I will be moving into a new trading office where I will be trading next to several professional hedge fund traders.

Below are the screenshots of the trend-following trades I have taken.   For now I am not sharing the mean-reversion trades as I have too much detailed on a lot of the screen grabs (and am not comfortable sharing all the details):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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7 Responses to 1/12 – Trading Update

  1. Good stuff. Nice to see you make a profit. Hopefully you wont give it back next week.

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  2. ready2master says:

    Your method, your reasoning an analysis are on point! I’m refining my strategy as well. I mainly uses price action and order flow, but I would love to connect and get your perspective on how you do things.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ready2master says:

    Thank you again for responding sorry for spamming your WordPress and Im glad to continue this conversation!


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