16/12 – 4 weeks of trading completed

Well, that brings to an end four weeks of live trading two different strategies on a variety of markets.

Here are the results I managed to achieve:


Firstly, the results clearly look rigged – the overall return is exactly zero!  I assure you the results are not rigged.

Secondly, the results obviously leave some things to be desired.  However for a first run through with the mean-reversion strategy, it gave a good amount of feedback and I am fairly confident with taking this strategy forward.

The plan for my last working week next week is to look over these trades that I have done, judging the setup quality and the trade management approaches I used, as well as reviewing the charts of the instruments I traded to see whether there were setups that I missed.  Should be an interesting week and hopefully it will be produce some tweaks and adjustments that i can implement when I resume trading at the beginning of January.

Happy weekend all!



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2 Responses to 16/12 – 4 weeks of trading completed

  1. David Eppel says:

    3.5 trades per day- I have done that in the past, but it’s tough. Well done for not blowing up your account,and for sticking with it. I still think forex stinks!

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  2. From your table of results i conclude you should Trend follow the Indices. Forget everything else!

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