Six real trades as Dow hits 20,600

The trading week is progressing.  The slideshow below shows my six trades from yesterday – on DAX & Dow in the indices, as well as USDJPY and Cable in FX.  Am trying to provide a good range of content here on the blog, hence I try to include screen shots of actual trades (together with some thoughts) on a regular basis.

Another long trading session yesterday.  I am amazed how tired I am getting by the end of the day.   The indices kind of continued their bullish trend, although the DAX experienced a pullback of more than 100 points.  The Dow continued rallying to finish above 20,600 – it was only a few sessions ago that the 20k level was broken.  Bring on Dow 30k – only 9,400 to go.

My trades were as follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Am continuing along with the themes of fluidity in setups and being very self-aware throughout the session – self-aware as far as my physical and mental states are concerned.

The key issue in today’s session was one of trade management.  Two setups worked, three half-worked and one didn’t work.  With a combination like that, I should be well in the positive for the session.  Instead I came out with a tiny small profit for the day.

Let’s see whether I can do better in the next session.



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2 Responses to Six real trades as Dow hits 20,600

  1. Good post George, keep up the hard work, concentrate on ‘Flawless execution’. Aim for zero mistakes. Monitor your mental state and keep yourself as relaxed as possible

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