Mid-May Trading Update

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It’s been quite a few days since my last blog post.

Although I have been quiet, I have been working diligently every day & coming into the office in the City of London.  My days have been spent participating in a US-based trading room that daytrades the crude oil (CL) futures market (that takes around 20% of the time), as well as trying to back-test and develop trading strategies revolving around trend-following (80% of my time).

Aside from the futures trading, I have spent very little time watching the markets – so am somewhat out of touch with current issues impacting the markets.  Though am not concerned about that – I can catch up very quickly with what’s going once I move back into live trading.

The back-testing and development work requires a lot of analysis and great concentration.  Though nowhere near as much focus as live trading does.

The futures trading is helping to provide ideas for how to adjust/develop the trend-following strategy.  A lot of the trading approach reconciles significantly with the market structure principles outlined by Voigt.

The mix of testing and live trading, together with conversations with various traders around the place, continues to make me ponder about the role of back-testing in trading, regardless whether the trader in question is a professional or trading in the retail space.  More of that to be discussed in the future.

I continue meeting up with one of the discretionary traders here at the hedge fund on a regular basis, discussing his trading, some of mine and helping each other along.  Am also continuing to meet with one of my other retail trader trading buddies, once a week, at a local cafe on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

That’s my quick update for now – good luck to all the traders out there.

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