Week’s Trading Wrap

Another trading week has come to an end – here is my week in a few bulletin points:

  • Productivity is running low. The co-working space next to the hedge fund is flooded with people who spend a lot of time on the phone – this makes it very difficult for me to concentrate if I am working on strategy development, analysis or research. I try to block out the noisCLS16 Oct18e with loud music on my headphones. Good fix?
  • Thus, progress on my back-testing is incredibly slow.
  • Concentration is ok when trading the futures market. I can just block things out.
  • Telephoned with an ex – colleague from the retail trading office (2014-16) – he is doing ok trading from home, but is missing regular interaction with other traders.
  • A couple of meetings with the discretionary hedge fund trader – talking about issues we come across in each of our trading activities
  • A couple of traders from the fund are emailing a lot of reading material then I need to work through – my to-do list just gets bigger by the week.
  • Lots of futures trading in oil markets this week. Absolutely hammered today when we continued shorting as the market was rallying. Wiped out most of the profits we built up in prior 6-7 weeks, in a single session.
  • Worked through half of the long weekend even though I was feeling sick. Trying to make up for low productivity during the week. Will do one day this weekend too.
  • Not paying attention to most of the instruments across the board – nor the fundamental issues at hand.
  • It continues to be a tough gig, though I am hanging in there.  Again, I think having other traders around me is a big help.
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