Trading Journey Reflections (edited)

Updated on 18th June 2017:

This blog post was originally published in early June 2017.

This blog post took a look at my current state of FX and futures trading and listed a bunch of issues that I am presently faced with.  The discussion was very honest, transparent and written in a very reflective manner.

The post basically listed a whole load of  problems, and it did not propose any potential solutions nor any action plan.  Obviously that might not be construed as being constructive.  Yes it contained some hard truths and a good snapshot of issues, but it was very negative and probably rubbed some people up the wrong way, in part because it could easily be interpreted as throwing some fault at other people, and that’s the last thing I’d want to do, to people who have given so generously with their time and effort.

For that reason, I decided to remove the content of that blog post.

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5 Responses to Trading Journey Reflections (edited)

  1. David says:

    We ALL need little victories in our lives- maybe you should do some part time work that is rewarding? All the best. David

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  2. Karin says:

    Dear George, I agree with David’s advice.

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  3. George,

    Another great honest blog post.

    I think you may have run out of time.

    It took me thousands of hours of research to design and build a decent trading method (by decent i mean both robust and with good expectancy). I had no financial trading experience but I do have a Computer Science degree from one of the top universities and loads of coding experience.

    So I think you could easily spend another 4 years of R&D with still no guarantee that at the end you will be any closer to your goal than you are today.

    Because of all this R&D effort, it is very unlikely anyone is going to reveal the details of a profitable systematic/automated trading method to you (or anyone else). Most trading systems you can buy are not very good, otherwise they would not be sold.

    However there are lots of good ideas in books and and on the internet and you can pick the best of these ideas and combine with your own research and market observations. I would say 66% of my edge is based on my own market observations and 33% from ideas I read in books or on the internet.

    In my experience this a very long and hard process for most people.

    If you want to continue your journey i would say read every decent book you can find on trading entries and exits. Most of the methods you will read about may be not be very good or have become out of date but there will be some good and timeless ideas as well.

    If you decide to continue your journey then I think a complete break from trading (for say six or twelve months) to clear your head and regain your mojo might be a good idea at this point.

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  4. Victoria says:

    Hi George, Your original post helped me a lot. It was a very honest disclosure, as I am on the same quest and haven’t found a consistent strategy.(which forced me to take a long break from trading.) It’s healing to listen the real and truthful ups and downs (instead of all success stories on line). I think you were only reflecting and it’s fine not offer an immediate solution/rectifying course of action. I have the added problem of not being IT-maths-physics oriented, so I can not automate any computer based back testing. My only option was eye-balling charts, making notes and play around with some forex tester simulators….this type of testing was exhausting and didn’t lead to any solid conclusion. Thanks for being honest and sharing your trading path.

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    • Hi Viktoria – hope you are well!
      Thanks for your comment and am glad that the original post was helpful to you to some extent. I did keep a copy of it so happy to forward that to you should you want it.
      I’d be happy to offer some suggestions for your testing efforts, whatever may work to some degree within your existing skill set.
      Did you encounter some challenges similar to the ones I had listed?


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