Another week in a trader’s journey

Brief summary of my trading week/last few trading days – quite a few things on the list here – meetings with traders, mentors, some trades, and a lot of strategy development work – read on for details…

Meetings & Conversations

  • Had a great meeting with Adey in central London, whom I met via Twitter some months ago – we had a great talk about our respective trading careers thus far. Adey primarily trades Bund futures and has also blogged about his experiences on
  • Two long insightful meetings with the discretionary hedge fund trader here at the office, discussing testing methodologies and associated nuances, typical hedge fund returns, sources of edge/alpha, as well as current market conditions.
  • And a long skype call with Trader1961, who has been giving me her helpful guidance for nearly a year now – she was doing her best to give me some practical tips and was patient with a raft of questions from my end!

Trading in Oil futures

  • Several sessions in Trading Mission oil futures trading room.  Some difficulty in placing full confidence in lead trader’s trades, given the absence of back-testing.oil jun22
  • Issue of time required in the live trading room – starting to cut into productivity, energy levels and thus progress with my own strategy development.

Strategy Development

  • Some further steps in development of trend/context model, using swing points as the basis for defining trend and visually representing this on the MT4 platform. (focusing on CL futures contract)
  • Work on the first of several setups – this one being based on pinbars in line with the trending conditions – and visually representing the setups on MT4 platform. (focusing on CL futures contract)
  • Collected further statistics on price behavior for CL futures for 2017 YTD.
  • Thus making definite steps as far as strategy development is concerned, just taking a bit longer than I’d ideally like.

And the rest

  • Moving into newly established ‘quiet zone’ in the office, in the next day or two – this should help improve my concentration levels and thus productivity and progress.
  • Still working a lot – typically 6 days a week – balancing this out with a fair amount of exercise, and spending quality time with close friends.  Eating and drinking fairly well.
  • Finally, taking some time out from the hectic schedule to enjoy a moment of peace in the Somerset House courtyard on Thursday evening (photo below)



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