Recent Jump to EasyLanguage coding


Holidaying in Paris (hunting street-art) on a two week break from the markets. That said, here is an update of what has been happening on my trading front.  

The jump from Microsoft Excel to TradeStation/EasyLanguage

In the last fortnight, I moved away from testing in MS Excel and started programming in EasyLanguage on the TradeStation platform.  There are a lot of good beginner materials available online for free.

The increase in productivity has been super! Naturally, it helps that I seem to be picking up the coding at a reasonable pace and it is actually a lot of fun!

As TradeStation contains a large amount of historical data, I am now able to skip the entire step of importing large amounts of data into Excel.  Instead of building multiple large-size files, I am able to write lines of code  and can then run the code over any timeframe I want, and over any instrument I want.

The platform automatically plots all the back-tested trades for me to review, and provides performance statistics and graphs.  Next, I am able to quickly change parameters or parameter values and simply re-run the code.  Not only that, but TradeStation allows me to run optimization processes for finding the parameter values yielding the greatest profits.

It is now easy for me to understand why the professional traders at the fund, as well as several contacts I met via Twitter, have been encouraging me to get into coding for progressing with my strategy development.

There are of course many traps associated with back-testing, leading to numerous 45-degree equity curves on Twitter, thus be sure to take care – recent articles from JB Marwood and Michael Harris explain some of these.

Networking with other forex & futures traders

Have continued my habit of meeting with other traders on a regular basis – cannot recommend this habit strongly enough, because:

  • You can lean on your trader colleagues when you need to
  • They can lean on you when they need to
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Never know what opportunities it may lead to!
  • Limited downside, unlimited upside!

If you want to read further on this principle, see the Trading Buddies post, the Why network with other traders post and the “Don’t try this alone” post.

Recommended Websites

Several websites that I have been hitting a lot in the past 2-3 weeks:

  • Markplex – 120+ free tutorials and lessons for writing in EasyLanguage
  • SystemTraderSuccess – numerous tutorials and strategy examples for EasyLanguage, including function for downloading the relevant codes free of charge
  • – a trading forum with sub-forums, which include discussions on programming
  • Price Action Lab – a blog discussing systematic trading topics such as back-testing
  • TradeCiety – a page run by two young German guys, who have also developed the Edgewonk trade journal/diary application – numerous posts on technicals and trading process topics

Additionally I regularly tweet interesting articles on my Twitter feed.

That’s all from me – take care and ‘à bientôt’!

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5 Responses to Recent Jump to EasyLanguage coding

  1. felixdv says:

    I was in Paris for a week until yesterday! Too bad, would’ve loved to catch up and talk trading with you. Another time!

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  2. Diane Haversham says:

    Hi, George , the programming sounds like a great option. lets have a catch up when you get back.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Array says:

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    • Array, I have not been approving your recent comments as unfortunately, I don’t feel this is an appropriate place for you to advertise your trading courses and brokerages. (I will remove your comment within the next 48 hours).


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