Systematic Trading Resources & etc

TS ScreenshotHere’s a brief recap of recent learning resources I have used for coding & systematic trading.

The objective has been to improve my EasyLanguage skills and to brainstorm trading strategy ideas.

A systematic trader here at the fund explained to me that it’s better to have had little programming experience and a lot of trading experience rather than the other way around.  Programming can be learned more quickly than understanding how the financial markets work.  He has been trading professionally for the past decade, so I respect his opinion.

It’s been a bit over two weeks since my last blog entry.  Took a well-deserved break from trading and hung out in Paris – photographing streetart (see my Instagram account for some of the shots), lots of rollerblading, some museums, catching up with friends and eating a fresh baguette each morning.

Systematic Trading: Learning Resources

Returned to the office this week and resumed with my EasyLanguage coding using the TradeStation platform.  It feels as if progress has been good.  I continue to access the markplex and systemtradersuccess sites – both of which have an abundant amount of very useful content free of charge, in the form of articles and video tutorials, and sometimes code that can be copied and pasted directly from their sites.  Have been able to take their content and apply it in my coding.

Additionally, I worked through the text of Art Collins: Beating the Financial Futures Market, as well as the blog section of the Oxford Capital Strategies, a proprietary research firm that develops systematic trading strategies.  Both resources I studied for generating ideas for trading strategies and for defining trend.

What also helps is following systematic traders on my Twitter feed, who share some of their ideas and things that they are working on.

By the end of the week, I had compiled a list of no less than 60 trading strategies that I can attempt to code and back-test.

September Plans & Workload

Thus, my workload for September is well cut out.  In addition to working full-time on my trading, I have decided that the time has come on to generate income from some other sources in order to stop the constant bleeding of my trading capital through my day to day living expenses.  Hence, I will be attempting to work 20 hours on top of my 40 hours of trading each week.

Leaving Hedge Fund office

As mentioned on this blog, I have spent all of 2017 working adjacent to a small hedge fund in London’s financial district (“the City”).  Throughout this time I have had very regular interaction with the fund’s sole discretionary trader.  Now that this trader has moved to Canada, it seems that I will be moving back to my former trading office a couple of miles west from my current location, for the start of October.  Regular interaction with other traders is very important and since this will no longer be likely at the hedge fund, I figure it is best to build up another trading office elsewhere.

The time at the fund has been superb though and it’s been an incredible experience.  And I will in any case continue, fingers crossed, to have some interactions with both the discretionary and the systematic traders at the fund.


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2 Responses to Systematic Trading Resources & etc

  1. David says:

    So glad you are getting a few quid from outside trading- it is vital you have little victories and don’t have to diminish your ‘pot’. Happy to chat, as I work for a charity much of the time, but options trading is a lot of prep,(or experience)and about one minute to place orders,then a couple of weeks doing other stuff

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