Working ‘Home Alone’ – the drawbacks

For several years, I was working alongside several other independent retail traders, and then I spent one year working right next to a hedge fund, where I interacted with some of their traders on a regular basis. Since the start of 2018, I am working at home for now.

One thing I truly miss as a result of no longer being in a trading office, or let alone any office, and working from home instead – is the inability to have impromptu conversations with a colleague, or even better, a fellow trader. 

Yes, you can whatsapp with a buddy, or you can call your trader friend.  Just for me, in my experience, this is just not the same as being able to talk with somebody that physically sits right next to you, at any point in time.

Today I spent the day working on some strategy development, and after a while it felt like banging my head against the wall.  Finally, around 5pm, I went to have a banter with a very good entrepreneurial friend of mine in the neighborhood.  He is not a trader, but he is a good listener and conversationalist.  Talking things over, and having to articulate one’s challenges, is always a great help.

Following that, as well as 90 minutes of roller-blading through central London, managed to get the brain back into gear.

For further reading on this topic, check out the posts I wrote some time ago, FX Trading Buddies and Benefits of working in a “trading office”.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took yesterday at the Tate Modern at the ‘Picasso 1932’ exhibition.  This painting is entitled ‘Rest’.



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5 Responses to Working ‘Home Alone’ – the drawbacks

  1. Qoyyuum says:

    Yeah I felt the same way. I ended up spending my free time in between ticks at There’s a chat feature there and we just go on and on about each own fundamental analysis

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  2. Im very high in introversion. So this is not a problem for me, i think it helps in trading. Although in other areas of life it is a big disadvantage.

    Jesse livermore said he didn’t like to speak during market hours.
    Most of the other great traders in history have also been Introverts as well.

    Based on all the great traders past and present the ideal myers briggs personality type for trading is INTJ. So im lucky to be that personality type and a passion for trading as well. This is not to say other personality types cant be successful at trading as well.

    I wonder what your myers briggs personality type is?

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  3. Joseph says:

    I share you sentiments about working from home.. I too am a full time trader and I work from home.. Been trading for 4 years, now running a hedgefund… Currently I associate with a small group of traders using Telegram app. Easy to install if you don’t have it. And a great group of like minded people that are accessible all day everyday… Someone is always there to have a chat with. And they post good trade set up and trading accomplishments. I find that to be a great motivatory. Brian for example made 12% last week, Mo did his usual 150 pips profit on the GBPAUD… If ever you want to drop by you’ll be welcomed… here’s the link.. 🙂

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