Trader Meetings, programming & DAX trades

A mix of networking with other traders, programming on TradeStation and taking some trades on the German DAX index.  

Several catch-up’s with traders this week – a long (well overdue) 2 hour chat with one of my trader buddies, a skype call with one of my mentors (with whom I am also doing a strategy coding project) and attending the London Traders Network drinks midweek.

  • My trader buddy shared some of his insights reflections from his recent trading weeks – he continues trade on a discretionary basis using sets of rules devised from the Voigt market structure framework.  It was a truly inspiring couple of hours at a local Starbucks.
  • My current mentor/colleague and I discussed where we are at in coding up her bread & butter trading strategy from the last couple of decades.  We had put it on hold for a couple of months, as both of us have been occupied with other projects.  We are both intending for the momentum to now resume.
  • Finally, at the network drinks at a central London pub, I managed to catch up with a couple of existing friends and colleagues as well as chat to a couple of new faces.

Also spent some time trying to program one of the way in which I have been trading the markets.  I still continue to fall into the trap of making things too complicated. Am struggling with the fine balance between ‘strategy-hopping’ and ‘knowing when to let a strategy go’.

The DAX trades were taken on timeframes ranging from 1-minute to 1-hour and looked as follows:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • What am I seeing?
  • How important is the bigger picture?
  • What of what I see can I code?
  • How many false positives and how many false negatives does the code produce?
  • How much discretion is in these setups?
  • How much of the movement is random and how much is predictive?
  • What of this is repeatable?


That’s all for this week.  Happy trading and a nice weekend everyone!

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