Newsflash: +10R trading week

Never thought I would be able to use such a heading.

An exceptional week in terms of results.  With 4 trades (out of the 22 I took) still open, it does indeed look as if the net profit for the week is going be a bit above 10 units of risk.   Quickly going over what I did this week, and what might have helped me get this results.

coin tossIt’s important to keep a weekly result like this in perspective.  I took 22 trades.  If I am expecting a win rate of 50% (i.e. tossing a coin) then it’s quite possible to have a significant variance in one direction over a sample size of 22 trades (or coin tosses).  So randomness may well have its finger in the play here.  Likewise, a couple of trades could have easily just been stopped out instead of kept open and a target could have just been missed.  One also has to consider the randomness involved here.

[Edit: In the end, it was +13R profit.  Several more targets were hit after the blog post was published.]


All that said, here are factors that would help towards trading well and achieving profitable results:

  • The trading was very rigid and all in compliance with well laid-out trading strategies.  In fact, there simple wasn’t enough time to do anything else.
  • I continued relying heavily on the code I have written in TradeStation to help me pin-point setups, and then manually cross-checking code-based signals against my MT4 charts.
  • New code written this week automated the setup-scanning to a large degree.  Suddenly, I could also apply the setup methodology to the 1-hour timeframe across the 40 markets that I trade.  I didn’t actually take many trades below the 4-hour timeframe (only 4 out of 17) but the functionality is now there if I want to do that.  It’s more accurate, it’s efficient and it’s going to save me a lot of time, whilst allowing me to get into more trades.
  • The EasyLanguage code has already helped me take 2-3 trades this week that I most likely would have missed otherwise.  I discussed one of these in detail here.
  • Stuck with some simple (un-tested) trade management rules – stops below recent swing points, calculating targets on basis of a simple stop-multiple, not moving stops until either target or stop is hit.
  • Managed not to interfere with any of the other trades once they were open, except for making a couple of judgement calls prior to news announcements.
  • Took full advantage of what the code was giving me and then made judgement as to whether or not to take the setup – most of the times I did.  Most exceptions were when the setups occurred very close to scheduled news announcements.
  • Basically developed some sort of routine for doing my trading, alongside some other non-trading work which I am currently involved with.  This is also important as I basically didn’t trade at all from January through to the end of April.
  • Made some good position sizing and risk management decisions with regard to trading strategy, timeframe, trade correlations and trades open simultaneously.
  • Paid attention to discussions in the smartforexlearning trading room I joined 2-3 weeks ago.  Here most of the trades are based on reversals, and it’s great to look at my charts and my trend-following setups from the opposite/devil’s advocate perspective.  This was quite helpful.
  • A lot of the rigidness and discipline was driven by the fact that I am splitting my working time 50/50 between trading and something else, so I have got to make things as efficient as possible.
  • The trades were across several FX pairs – with some pairs getting more than 1 trade such as EURCHF, USDCHF, EURAUD and USDJPY.  The only non-FX trade this week was on Gold – which I ironically hit 3 times. 

For next week, I plan to do the same in terms of monitoring for setups, taking trades and using the trade management rules.  Roll on the weekend!


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4 Responses to Newsflash: +10R trading week

  1. Felix says:

    Those are stellar results, George! Absolutely thrilled to read this and very happy for you. Now keep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ruben says:

    Great post George, was inspired by the way you split your trading and other work.

    Liked by 1 person

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