About this Blog

This blog was started in 2013, at the suggestion of my first trading mentor.  Paul Wallace wanted to use it for keeping an eye on my progress.  Neither one of us would have ever thought that, five years and 700+ blog posts later, the blog would still be running.

Thus, welcome to ‘Trick or Trade’!14086330_10153692113481218_1158063118720205531_o

This blog gives a real-time account of my journey to become a consistently profitable trader in the financial markets (to the right a recent shot of me when I was away from my trading screens!).  For details of my story and trading experiences from my young teens to 2015-ish, you can read my Trade2Win interview.  From late 2015 till the end of 2017, I continued trading and learning on a full-time basis, here in central London, a very convenient spot for aspiring traders!

During 2014-16, my daily hangout was a small trading office with 2-3 other retail traders. During 2017 I was working adjacent to small hedge fund (see photo), where I was lucky to have regular semi-formal interaction with some of the fund’s traders.

From the beginning of 2018, trading has become less than full-time as some other projects have sprung up and provided a well-needed additional income stream. And for the first time in many years, I am trading from my home.  Although this has meant less time is available for trading, it has reduced a bit of performance pressure, so it’s been a blessing in disguise.

All trading is done my own funds and everything is up to me – strategy development, learning, execution, administration and so on. Am also putting in place some informal alliances with a few independent traders around the place.

16667130_10154167859931218_571339205_oAlthough am still finding blogging incredibly helpful on a personal level (see benefits of blogging post), it has also become more fun to share my experiences with others who might be on the same journey or who read it simply for leisure.  As always, I try to provide an honest and transparent account of some of the challenges that aspiring traders face.

Blogging for me has been an incredible amount of fun, hence why I am still doing it!  Yes, I know that the layouts and graphics are sub-professional, but I have just focused on the content thus far.  Something to work on.

How is the blog structured?

Simply put – not very well at all!  New content is added to the blog on a regular basis in a very ad hoc manner, though the blogging frequency has significantly decreased over the years. For 2018 to date, I have managed a bare 2.5 posts per month!

Sometimes I get an idea to write about a particular topic.  Other times I just want to get thoughts down to paper at the end of a trading session.  In some posts you will get a sense of my emotions at the time of writing, others are written quite objectively in times of calm.

New blog posts are simply stacked on top of each other – without any sense of flow or order. Many of the blog post have been tagged with one or more searchable categories.  Aside from that, one can 16667577_10154167860861218_511612864_oessentially go on an exploration by clicking the suggested links at the bottom of, or within, each post.

Thanks for reading and hope that you are enjoying the posts!