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Stepping stones to successful forex trading

It seems the many countless hours I have spent in conversations with several trading buddies, with the discretionary trader here at the hedge fund, and sharing offices with several full-time retail traders over the years have turned me into a … Continue reading

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3,000 test trades completed in a week

Over the last week, my new “testing engine” produced a sample slightly over 3,000 test trades.  In this post I am detailing my findings and thoughts for taking things forward. You are likely guessing (correctly!) that I will probably not … Continue reading

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16/11 – Sizing trades when several setups occur at the same time

  For any trader monitoring multiple markets, it becomes inevitable that he or she will get more than one setup at the same point in time, or that additional setups become valid whilst some are already open. What’s the best … Continue reading

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27/10 – Daytrading routines & processes

Yesterday I was working with a professional hedge fund trader who is planning to move his trading from a daily timeframe to an hourly timeframe.  As part of our discussion, I conveyed to him that processes and routines become more … Continue reading

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26/10 – Practical improvement tips for daytraders

As usual in recent weeks, I did a weekly wrap-up post last Friday.  Click here if you want to read it. Somewhat unexpected, a lot of comments and constructive suggestions came in as a result here on the blog, on my … Continue reading

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Strike 1: Gotta spend less time on trading

I have decided to reduce my trading work from full-time to 3 days a week. It’s been nearly three years since I resumed full-time trading, back in August 2013 (my Trade2Win article provides some of the journey’s details).  With the … Continue reading

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