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Trader Meetings, programming & DAX trades

A mix of networking with other traders, programming on TradeStation and taking some trades on the German DAX index.  

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Trading Update

Quickly sharing the things I have been working on & thinking about on the trading front over the past working week.

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Tips on developing automated trading strategies

Sharing some insights from a 3-day working session with a Belgian systematic trader. Also an update of what else has happened in recent weeks on my trading front.

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Example application of Bergstrom’s e-ratio

This week I calculated the e-ratio outlined by Dave Bergstrom for a systematic trading strategy I am currently developing for the FX markets.  

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Working notes: Systematic trading etc

Live Trading, running an algo, reconciling the two, more coding, building a market context model.  Long hours. All that was part of my week.  Read further for a detailed discussion of these.

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Trading strategy back-testing nuts & bolts

Experience-sharing:  Going through some tedious work trying to get my head around various currency futures contracts, correlation with spot products and making sure I am using all the data correctly in back-testing and optimizations. Comments on TradeStation’s ‘Portfolio Maestro’ product … Continue reading

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