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Holidaying in Paris (hunting street-art) on a two week break from the markets. That said, here is an update of what has been happening on my trading front.  

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Stepping stones to successful forex trading

It seems the many countless hours I have spent in conversations with several trading buddies, with the discretionary trader here at the hedge fund, and sharing offices with several full-time retail traders over the years have turned me into a bit of a trading therapist and actually put me in a relatively good spot for helping other traders with various aspects of their trading, such as money & risk management, understanding of probability, routines workshopand processes and strategy development.

Thus on Saturday, I spent two hours with someone who has been urging me to give him some coaching on the trading front.  Despite having difficulty generating consistent profits, I was able to share a good amount of valuable and useful knowledge with him.

Here’s the outline of what I discussed this with him – came up with this after thinking hard about what i consider are the cornerstones of becoming and being a successful trader. Thought this might be of interest to other traders and people considering getting into trading.

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Oil and Forex Trading Update II


Not sure what was more challenging last week – back-testing the trading strategies or completing 100 miles on my hybrid bike (along with 30,000 other keen Londoners!) on the Prudential100 charity ride.

In any case, here’s a weekly update of the continuing work in testing and designing a trading strategy for the Oil and forex markets.

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Oil & Forex Trading Update

Another week of decent progress in trading strategy development.  Working hard away in my office.


Collected good experience in articulating and formulating some of my evaluation and decision making processes into Microsoft Excel formulas.  It is not as difficult as I had previously thought.

Here’s an overview of what progress I made….

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Trick-or-Trade: Weekly Forex Trading Wrap-Up

Last week was a tough one for me battling insomnia & flu – but I tried to crack on with my strategy development.


Sickness & Trading aside – key highlights for last week had to be watching several exciting mountain stages in the Tour de France at the local Rapha cycling cafe.  The hard-trained cyclists are a constant source of inspiration for my trading ambitions.

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A few words on hard work, talent, persistence & success (for an 18-year-old)

nephews drawing

My nephew asked me for advice a couple of days ago. Thinking about what advice to give him, I figured that the ‘answer’ could be useful to a lot of people.  It’s one of those things that everyone is bound to know or heard of, but it never hurts to have a reminder of it, as knowing about it, and actually doing it, are two quite different things.

Thus, this is not going to be a trading-specific blog post but it can well be applied in a trading context. And the question could equally have been asked by any adult.

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