100 trades done & development work is cut out for next 4-5 weeks

The past two months have been a hectic time for me – continuing my trading efforts whilst having another, non-trading project, on the go.  However most of the time I have been able to monitor the market for setups and to manage any open trades properly, with good trading results.

First and foremost – big congratulations to France on winning the 2018 World Cup, and to Novak Djokovic on winning the men’s singles Wimbledon title!!!

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FXCM Algo Summit 2018

FXCM ALgo SummitOn Friday, FXCM organized a full-day event inviting various speakers to discuss topics relating to algorithmic trading.  After attending for most of it, here’s my write-up.

The entire day was put on FXCM’s expense account – so thank you FXCM for the invitation! FXCM has uploaded a video of the entire day (all 9 hours of it) on YouTube – view it here =>  Algo Summit – Live Broadcast

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Long Japanese Yen & Nikkei trade signals

Today my automated strategy code fired off some trading signals.  A quick discussion of how I reviewed and analysed the signals, and details of some additional code I created to make the process more streamlined and to provide with more tools.

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Weekly Wrap: Trading for less than 45 minutes/day

Brief wrap-up for the week. Minimal time spent on trading due to other project commitments.  However, in less than an hour per day, managed to execute trading plan on 4-hour timeframe across 40 markets each day, putting another 10 trades under my belt.  A mix of code-based and discretionary trading. Continue reading

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Newsflash: +10R trading week

Never thought I would be able to use such a heading.

An exceptional week in terms of results.  With 4 trades (out of the 22 I took) still open, it does indeed look as if the net profit for the week is going be a bit above 10 units of risk.   Quickly going over what I did this week, and what might have helped me get this results.

coin tossIt’s important to keep a weekly result like this in perspective.  I took 22 trades.  If I am expecting a win rate of 50% (i.e. tossing a coin) then it’s quite possible to have a significant variance in one direction over a sample size of 22 trades (or coin tosses).  So randomness may well have its finger in the play here.  Likewise, a couple of trades could have easily just been stopped out instead of kept open and a target could have just been missed.  One also has to consider the randomness involved here.

[Edit: In the end, it was +13R profit.  Several more targets were hit after the blog post was published.]


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Coded Trading Strategy 1 – Human Trader 0

This afternoon I got a first-hand experience of how beneficial it can be to incorporate computer code in my trading routines, even if it leads only to partial automation.  This came about by a trading signal that my code generated whilst I had completely missed it when looking at the chart with my own set of eyes at the end of a long day. Continue reading

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