‘Trick or Trade’ update

Brief update on my week’s trading work – strategy development workings, meetings with fellow traders, a couple of buys and sells in Crude Oil, and a bunch of recommended links.

le mans shot

A short 4-day week for me this week, following a long-weekend in Le Mans, France, to participate in the annual 24-hour inline skating relay.  I was glad to discover that my lap times are still semi-respectable (somebody managed to grab a good photo whilst I was ‘speeding’ past!)

My first mentor Paul Wallace always stressed the importance of balancing out trading activities with other exciting passions in one’s life.  Great advice that is/was!

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Burgers with multi-billion-dollar investment fund insider

Last week I had lunch with ‘SM’.  SM is a senior manager with a large investment fund that has several billion dollars of assets under management.  He was relaying some information from the fund’s quarterly board meeting, during which the fund’s recent performance was reviewed.


SM worked as a trader for a number of banks but stopped several years ago.

The following is a simplified recap of our conversation – the gist of it being that the fund’s performance is flat and all of its traders are having a difficult time trading the present market conditions – and that this should serve as stark warning to a retail trader like myself.

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Trick-or-Trade Weekly Update

coffee shot


And another intense week has already come to an end – literally flying by at the moment – meetings & conversations, good reads & links, strategy development and futures trading.
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Another week in a trader’s journey

Brief summary of my trading week/last few trading days – quite a few things on the list here – meetings with traders, mentors, some trades, and a lot of strategy development work – read on for details… Continue reading

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Trading Strategy: Defining Trend

An update on how my strategy development has progressed over the last two weeks. Nearly all of it has focused on Crude Oil. Continue reading

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Trading Journey Reflections (edited)

Updated on 18th June 2017:

This blog post was originally published in early June 2017.

This blog post took a look at my current state of FX and futures trading and listed a bunch of issues that I am presently faced with.  The discussion was very honest, transparent and written in a very reflective manner.

The post basically listed a whole load of  problems, and it did not propose any potential solutions nor any action plan.  Obviously that might not be construed as being constructive.  Yes it contained some hard truths and a good snapshot of issues, but it was very negative and probably rubbed some people up the wrong way, in part because it could easily be interpreted as throwing some fault at other people, and that’s the last thing I’d want to do, to people who have given so generously with their time and effort.

For that reason, I decided to remove the content of that blog post.

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