Working ‘Home Alone’ – the drawbacks

For several years, I was working alongside several other independent retail traders, and then I spent one year working right next to a hedge fund, where I interacted with some of their traders on a regular basis. Since the start of 2018, I am working at home for now.

One thing I truly miss as a result of no longer being in a trading office, or let alone any office, and working from home instead – is the inability to have impromptu conversations with a colleague, or even better, a fellow trader.  Continue reading

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Trading Update

Quickly sharing the things I have been working on & thinking about on the trading front over the past working week. Continue reading

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3x discretionary trades on DAX

Three nice discretionary trades on the DAX 1-minute timeframe this morning – screenshots included. Continue reading

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Feb’18 Trading Banter

The last two months have flown by thanks to a small exciting side-project.  Thus, aside from a 3-day meetup in Belgium to talk systematic trading, I have barely spent any time looking at charts since the middle of December, be that Bitcoin, the Dow, VIX or XIV.

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Tips on developing automated trading strategies

Sharing some insights from a 3-day working session with a Belgian systematic trader. Also an update of what else has happened in recent weeks on my trading front.

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Example application of Bergstrom’s e-ratio

This week I calculated the e-ratio outlined by Dave Bergstrom for a systematic trading strategy I am currently developing for the FX markets.   Continue reading

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