Traders’ Coffee Talk II – goal setting, mentors & coaches

Recently a long conversation over coffee with a fellow trader triggered lots of thinking regarding the journey of becoming a successful independent trader.  This is Part 2 in a series of blog posts, in which I will share and discuss some of these thoughts.

This post touches on goal setting, breaking down the journey and the use of mentors and coaches. Continue reading

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Quick analysis of today’s 2 trades

As planned, spent a few hours on trading today (in the morning), whilst spending the afternoon working on another project, and finally getting some decent exercise done in the sunny outdoors for the evening.


Following my exercise and good pasta dish for dinner, I had another look over the two trades I took today.  Sharing my bit of insight. Continue reading

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Market Analysis – looking for trending conditions – May 2018

Today is one of the first few days in around 4 months that I am taking a look at several of my charts of various financial instruments.  Am quickly sharing how I go about it.

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Two traders talk over coffee…

This week, on a rainy late Monday afternoon, my trading buddy & I caught up in a small cafe right next to one of east London’s canals.  Neither of us are currently doing much financial markets trading – my friend is presently looking for a full-time job – despite some steady progress in his trading, it’s not at a level where he can support himself financially with it.  As for myself, I have become completely distracted with another work-type project that’s kept me busy full-time since Christmas and which I enjoy a great deal.

I came away from the 2-hour conversation with excitement.  It had been very insightful.  It made me articulate some thoughts I had been digesting for a long time, and it made reflect on my own behavior and made me question some of my present paradigms.  The meeting will likely trigger new actions, plans and perspectives for me.  The project that I am currently working on, is also helping me question and look at my trading journey in a new and different light.

It quickly also dawned on me, that this might be some interesting reading for others too.  If I can churn into a clear blog article(s) of some sort, then it will be great to share it, else I will just focus on changing my trading behavior, tactics and plans going forward.

That same evening I started writing, and a lot of the following day, I continued writing throughout the day.  Added on other trading thoughts that seemed relevant.  Even by the end of that day, the writing exceeded 3,000 words, albeit in a very loose structure without a lot of flow.  In the coming days and weeks, I will share some of these thoughts.  None of it is meant to be right or wrong or conclusive, rather it’s sharing some of impressions on the journey of trying to become a profitable trader in the financial markets.

This will include experiences I have shared with and learned from people I have met along the way – trading coaches, trading colleagues, trader buddies and trader friends.

Watch this space.


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Trader Meetings, programming & DAX trades

A mix of networking with other traders, programming on TradeStation and taking some trades on the German DAX index.   Continue reading

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Working ‘Home Alone’ – the drawbacks

For several years, I was working alongside several other independent retail traders, and then I spent one year working right next to a hedge fund, where I interacted with some of their traders on a regular basis. Since the start of 2018, I am working at home for now.

One thing I truly miss as a result of no longer being in a trading office, or let alone any office, and working from home instead – is the inability to have impromptu conversations with a colleague, or even better, a fellow trader.  Continue reading

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