Suggested Sites

There are a huge number of trading-related websites online. Searching for good and meaningful content on trading, whether it’s for further research, or for starting out, can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  Let me help you in that regard!

Here are a few  sites that I have found very useful (in no particular order):

  • Chat With Traders – a free site run by Australian Aaron Fifield, who conducts 1 hour interviews with one established trader each week.  There is an archive of more than 100 interviews already on the site.
  • Brett Steenbarger blog – Steenbarger is a psychologist based in the United States, author and lecturer who also actively trades himself.  He blogs several times a month.  [Back in early 2015, I intensely studied one of his books, refer to this blog post for that]
  • ‘Your Trading Coach’ – Lance Beggs (ironically, another Australian!!) is a trader and educator.  Although he sells educational material, he also has an abundance of excellent material on how to progress as a trader and how to build processes.

Additionally, I would recommend following these active traders on Twitter, because they share many insights, including chart analysis, and so on a very regular basis:

  • Pete Armstrong – a daytrader based in Australia (yet again!) – he trades many currency pairs as well as commodities and indices from time to time.
  • Tom Dante – a well-respected trader who primarily trades Bund futures on intraday basis but sometimes also ventures into currencies and other instruments.
  • Simon Kloot – a UK-based trader who uses demand and supply for trading intraday with a focus on the EURUSD fx pair but also trades other instruments.

(Added on 20th July 2017) The Pepperstone brokerage firm has an excellent simple introductory article on market structure – which is technical approach for analyzing the price chart of any instrument.  Click here for the article.

Hope you will find some of the above as useful as I did.